Why is Moissanite better than Certified Lab Grown Diamond?

Whether Moissanite or Certified Lab Grown Diamond is better quality? We prove why the former is better than the latter.

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It is often argued whether Moissanite or Certified Lab Grown Diamond is better quality. We believe that the former is better than the latter in terms of appearance or cost.

Moissanite emits a brighter light than Certified Lab Grown Diamonds

With an ability to exhibit more brilliance than Certified Lab Grown Diamond, and bending light into a mesmerizing rainbow of fire 2.5 times more than Lab Grown Diamond, Moissanite is the gemstone of choice for jewelry lovers.

Conflict-free, with a clarity and cut matched only by the most expensive of Diamonds, Moissanite gives you everything you have wanted in amazing brilliance for only a fraction of the price.

Ambol Moissanite has the most beautiful collection of Moissanite jewelry anywhere on Earth

Amazing colorless quality of D-E-F. Crystal clarity of VVS. Excellent cuts in Round, Princess, Emerald, Trillion & Hearts (perfect for her!) 100% Conflict Free.

Body colors of White, Blue, Yellow and more! Introduced to Earth by a meteor, it possesses the same unearthly beauty so admired in diamonds, but blazes even brighter with superior sparkle.

It does not merely match a diamond’s beauty or durability, it transcends it.

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